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"Thy word is true from the beginning: and every one of thy righteous judgments endureth for ever." Psalm 119:160

Thursday, October 29, 2015

October 2015 
This fall we have been reminded of the Plenty
 we have in the Lord.

Plenty of Reasons to Praise Him!  God is truly Above and Beyond all!

We were able to teach 12 weeks of Vacation Bible School (4 in AL, 2 in FL, 1 in MO, 5 in MN), the most weeks we have ever done in one summer. Look at the pictures below to get a peak at this year’s VBS’s! What a joy to return to churches where we have taught VBS before and see the children and adults growing in the Lord. God also opened the door for us to teach in 5 new churches this year. What a blessing to get to know more church families and help them reach the children in their areas.

Our family did not keep track of total attendance, which seemed larger to us than last year; but we did record professions of faith and are excited that 68 children and at least one adult were saved during VBS! We are thankful for reports from some churches that are growing in number and fervor since we were with them. Please pray that each church can continue to work with these dear ones to grow them up in the Lord.

We were also able to attend a Family Camp Bible School where we sang a few songs and Stan taught one session. After VBS was over, we drove down to MO teach the children at a fall Chinese retreat. We have also provided piano accompaniment, preaching, teaching, and special music for church services. Teaching an after-school Bible Club at a public school this past week was a great joy. The children had lots of questions and God’s Word had the answers!

Stan’s congestive heart failure and A-fib discovered in August of last year did not keep him from ministry this summer. We praise God to report his heart function is now back to normal although his A-fib still needs work. His diabetes is also improved and the diabetic sores on his foot and legs are gone!

Plenty of Opportunities to Trust Him!  God is good all the time!

Our summer ministry went through Labor Day and after that much of our time has been taken up with doctor’s visits, recovering from the constant travel, and preparing for the next phase of ministry. Stan has been undergoing monthly shots in his eyes to prevent blindness, but it seems his eyes are getting worse, not better. He just underwent a sleep apnea test. The cardiologist is concerned that the sleep problems he has had for years could be tied to his heart problems. 

Bryan’s hemoglobin level is low even after several iron shots, which is not helping his energy level or blood flow to his brain. Scar tissue in his arms is making it hard to get IV’s in these days. The platelets in his blood are very high, which is dangerous; and we are working at getting that number down. Please pray that these will go down to a more normal range soon! The EEG he had done did not seem to link his jerking to brain seizure activity. He will be seeing a neurologist October 30. We are also trying some different strategies to help him get better sleep. We need prayer for healing, wisdom, and more energy!

God has opened up a winter headquarters for us down south! We plan to head down there before it snows, but it’s hard to calculate the timing of such in MN. There is still a lot to do before we can take off, including more important doctor’s appointments, sorting through and packing more of what we need, and getting it stuffed in our van, small car, and trailer. We are excited by God’s faithfulness!

Thank you for your much needed prayers for us and the many other ways you have supported our family and ministry.

For the Creator, the Stan Myers Family 

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