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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

We are on a Fossil Hunt! (This page is under construction.)
 Please pray that we will find a representation of as many of these types of fossils as possible for display and teaching of the Flood!  
Note: If you have a fossil that you would like to donate to the cause, please e-mail us at     

What kinds of Fossils are there?                               
Humboldt County, California

Creation Museum

Replica of the famous "Fish-Within-a-Fish" fossil found outside of Hays, Kansas

A Xiphactinus that has swallowed a
Gillicus arcuatus 
This fish must have been buried and fossilized rapidly not only for its own fossil to remain but also to fossilize the fish it ate before it could be digested.

Glendive Dinosaur and Fossil Museum
Glendive, Montana

Part of a petrified tree.

Petrified Forrest
South Dakota

Whole creature—soft part and all


Creation Museum

Dinosaur Eggs!
These are believed to be fossilized hadrosaur eggs (duck billed dinosaur). They were dug up in the Xixia Basin, Henan Province, China. 

Creation Museum

Interesting Types:
  True Fossils:   
          Insects trapped in amber

          Mummy fossils—formed when a creature dries out completely, like a piece of                                                                   beef jerky
          Fossils in tar 

fossil-shaped chunks of sandstone that look like apples, hearts, or little “people” called loess dolls

          Ripple marks
          Mud cracks
          Raindrop impressions

          Fulgarites - Cylinders of fused sand that show where lightning struck

     Trace Fossils   
         Worm burrows

         Animal and human tracks
Three Toed Dinosaur Track!
Believed to be the track of an Acrocanthosaurus

This trace fossil was excatated from the Paluxy River bank near Glenrose Texas. This formation is famous for many dinosaur tracks including the first sauropod tracks ever discovered. Human fossilized footprints were also found alongside some of the dinosaur tracks! 

Creation Museum

  Fossil Fuels:  

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