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"Thy word is true from the beginning: and every one of thy righteous judgments endureth for ever." Psalm 119:160

Monday, September 30, 2013

Looking back over the three summer months, we thank God for His faithfulness, for the spiritual growth we saw in so many, and for the twenty-two children we saw make professions of Jesus as Saviour during the ten VBS’s and one camp this summer. More than 335 children came to VBS and camp this summer to be taught the King of My Castle curriculum. We had more than 550 people involved, including teens and adults.

It was exciting to share the glory, victory, power, greatness, and majesty of the Lord Jesus Christ, Who is King over all kings and over all His creation; and to challenge each one to make Him truly their personal King. One day everyone bow the knee to Him. We pray that all those that heard the message of King of My Castle will submit to Him for salvation and service before it is too late.

It was great to watch as many of our hearers realized for the first time that dinosaurs were called dragons, and yes, people did see and interact with dinosaurs. We did not live millions of years apart. Dinosaurs were created by God; they were not a product of time and chance. It was exciting to praise God together for His creation as He has commanded.

It was a blessing to work with each church and see the people get involved by helping us set up and decorate the church, being willing to wear royal and knightly costumes, bravely acting out the dragon legends, taking pictures,
helping with the children in registration, nuncheon, tutelage, and tournament time, and helping with tearing down and packing up! The encouragement and care we received were uplifting throughout the summer. 

Praise our Creator King for showing that He is still on the throne and actively working to draw hearts to Himself!

For more pictures from VBS go to the Summer Schedule tab!

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